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The Conductive Learning Center of North America maintains a strong working partnership with Semmelweis University András Pető Facutly located in Budapest, Hungary. The CLC is the only CE program in North America directly affiliated with the founding institute of conductive education.

The Association of Conductive Education in North America is the representative of the programs and professionals providing CE services within the North American continent. Staff of CLC serve on the board of directors and work together with the organization to promote the practice of CE.

Aquinas College was the first higher education institution in North America to begin offering certification as a Conductor-Teacher within their education department in the fall of 2001. The CLC currently serves as the laboratory school for practical application throughout the CE program.

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Under the direction of Dr Nigel Paneth, MSU's cerebral palsy research team designed the Conductive Education Evaluation Project (CEEP) as a randomized clinical trial to study the effectiveness of conductive education through enrollment in programming at the Conductive Learning Center of North America.

The Conductive Learning Center of North America serves as an official fieldwork site for Grand Valley State University students who are pursuing degrees in Exercise Science.

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To provide opportunities for individuals with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.