Run or Walk with Team CLC

Want to be part of Team CLC and help us meet or exceed our fundraising goal of $20,000 to commemorate our 20th year of transforming the lives of children with motor disabilities?  By registering below, you are saying YES!  Thank you for joining Team CLC!

Register at:

1. Scroll down the left side of the page in the blue box to Sign Up

2. Fill in all your information and choose your event

  • Social Teams will come up, by-pass those and go to the Charity-Fundraising Section. There find three choices: Charity, Fundraise, and Team Fundraiser
  • If you select Charity - you can donate directly to Team CLC
  • If you select Fundraise - you can set up and personalize your own fundraising page to support Team CLC. Be sure to tell your story as to why you choose to support CLC, let your words and pictures inspire those that come to your page to donate and help you reach your  goal.
    IMPORTANT: make sure you link your page to CLC by checking the box to select CLC as your official charity partner - this will assure that the money raised will be counted towards the Team CLC goal of $20,000.   
  • If you select Team Fundraiser - you can donate to any pre-established team that is raising funds for Team CLC

3. Start training!
Check out for the latest training schedules and race news!


Our Mission

To provide opportunities for individuals with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.