Auction with a Twist

New Auction with a Twist

Giving the Evening of Celebration opening social hour new purpose while raising funds for items the school needs

Take a peek into the dreams of the Conductive Learning Center with this year's Auction with a Twist Tables. Each of the items shown below will be up for auction at the 2018 Evening of Celebration, and with your help, we can help CLC obtain these much-needed learning tools. Each table listed below contains one or more items that have been specifically chosen to meet the developmental needs of each age group served at CLC. While attendees to this fundraising event will have the opportunity to learn about how students at CLC will utilize this equipment and work together to fund these needs, our friends, families, and supporters who are not in attendance also have an opportunity to help. Together, anyone can give monetary support for a matching fund which will double the impact of the dollars pledged during the Auction with a Twist. Enjoy a sneak peek at the Auction with a Twist Tables and for more information about how you can support this fund please check out the CLC blog.

Auction with a Twist Table Descriptions

Together we'll raise $7,500 to make dreams come true in the classroom
Gala 2018_P&C_small

Parent and Child - (ages 0-3)

Toy Bundle
Cost - $600

Research emphasizes that play is essential to child development – regardless of motor ability. Play not only fosters social skills, but it promotes growth across the physical, cognitive, and emotional domains. Toys utilized in our conductive education classrooms are carefully selected in order to promote optimal skill development and include blocks, musical instruments, balls of various materials/textures, puzzles, puppets, and more.

Gala 2018_Bobbles

Young Early Childhood - (ages 2-3)

Cost - $400

Bobles can be used in many ways in the conductive education program. These foam supports of various sizes, shapes, and colors are excellent tools that can help students achieve a variety of goals related to physical development. From providing support for sitting on the floor, to offering balance challenges for standing and walking tasks, the possibilities for these unique pieces of equipment are truly limitless.

Gala 2018_Art&Craft

Early Childhood - (ages 3-6)

One Year Supply of Art and Craft Materials
Cost - $800

Creating art is one of the most motivating experiences for our young learners. Many of the motor skills involved in this process, such as holding a paintbrush or using a crayon, are essential to the development of fine motor function. Art and craft activities also help to develop school readiness while fostering imagination and creativity. With a variety of art and craft materials, all children can learn to express themselves in new ways.

Gala 2018_Plinth

Lower Primary - (ages 6-9)

New and Refinished Plinths
Cost - $1,500

Plinths are slatted wooden tables used to facilitate learning throughout the daily routine. They provide tactile and visual feedback regarding body position during the lying program. This unique equipment also allows for natural places to grasp to aid in supporting and stabilizing the body throughout a variety of activities. With over 20 years of use, our current wooden furniture is in desperate need of repair and refinishing.

Gala 2018_Bar

Elementary - (ages 9-13)

Foldable Parallel Bars
Cost - $1,000

From the youngest to the oldest, all CLC students use parallel bars throughout their learning. A new set of foldable parallel bars for this group of students would be a valuable tool to increase their strength, balance, and coordination during various sitting, standing, and walking activities. The space saving, foldable feature will allow for a more flexible classroom space.

Gala 2018_Young Adult_Mirror_edited

Adolescent - (ages 13-18)

Mirror with Attached Bar
Cost - $1,200

Visual feedback improves body awareness for students with motor impairments. Mirrors are often utilized in conductive education to help students correct their body position while working on activities in a variety of positions. A large-sized mirror with an attached bar would allow sudents to transfer between sitting and standing position as they learn to complete a variety of tasks more independently including practicing important self-care skills.

Gala 2018_Washer and Dryer_small

Young Adult - (ages 18+)

Washer and Dryer
Cost - $2,000

A dream of independence means being able to do your own wash. Many older students have personal goals related to functioning independently in every aspect of their life. Being able to load and unload a washer and dryer is an important step towards independent living. Having an onsite washer and dryer will allow for teaching these skills within the CLC walls, transforming lives to help the young adults who attend CLC to gain maximum independence.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for individuals with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.