Auction with a Twist

Auction with a Twist

Making the Evening of Celebration opening social hour a "moving" experience by raising funds for items to support CLC student needs

Engage in helping the Conductive Learning Center of North America to "Move Mountains" as never before with this year's Auction with a Twist Tables. Each of the items shown below will be up for "auction" at the 2019 Evening of Celebration, and with your aid, we can help CLC obtain these much-needed learning tools. Each table listed below contains one or more items that will help in finishing up the new school builidng CLC has recently moved into. While attendees to this fundraising event will have the opportunity to learn about how students at CLC will utilize this equipment and work together to fund these needs, our friends, families, and supporters who are not in attendance also have an opportunity to help. Enjoy a sneak peek at the Auction with a Twist Tables and for more information about how you can support please contact our support team at

Auction with a Twist Table Descriptions

Together we'll raise $9,800 to provide the best learning environment possible for CLC students - allowing them to "Move Mountains"
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Classroom Area Rugs

Three Area Rugs
Cost - $1000

The group setting is a fundamental aspect of the conductive education program. Learning with peers provides an opportunity for children to motivate and learn from each other in an age appropriate setting that allows social interaction. Having area rugs for our younger CLC students and conductor-teachers provides collaborative learning areas and a developmentally appropriate play space where additional motor learning can take place.


Cricut Professional Design Tool

Cricut Explore Air2 + Software
Cost - $400

Providing an organized and colorful environment can help keep students of all ages focused as well as motivated throughout the day. A Cricut is a design tool that allows the user to cut and create with various materials. With the help of this tool, the conductor-teacher team will be able to provide students with a fun physical environment, as well as create various supplemental teaching tools/materials to aid in student learning.


Cooperative Play and Family Support Center

Visual Perception Activity Tables and Collapsible Indoor Play Equipment
Cost - $1100

Family involvement plays an important role in the success of CLC students, and the need for a family support space has been echoed by CLC families for years. Equipping our new cooperative play space with a variety of activity tables and hands-on visual perception activities, as well as flexible indoor playground equipment, provides an area for the entire family to be engaged. The center offers a unique out-of-classroom area where CLC students can utilize this equipment to aid in achieving their personal goals related to fine and gross motor skills.

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Learning Without Tears Curriculum

Math and Literacy Program Materials
Cost - $1,200

Learning Without Tears is a hands-on developmentally appropriate Pre-K curriculum that not only covers key learning domains but does so in a way that is fun and engaging for all learners. Specifically designed for early learners, the curriculum materials include both a Numbers and Math and a Language and Literacy manipulative kit that is suited for students at all levels and abilities. Together the kits provide educational tools for the conductor-teacher staff to help all students maximize their learning and prepare them for kindergarten success.

EOC_Climbing Wall_small_edited

Multipurpose Activity Space 

Adaptive Climbing Wall
Cost - $1500

Gross motor activities are an essential part of every child’s development and climbing is a skill that allows children to improve their coordination and motor planning. Activating the brain through gross motor play can aid in developing cognitive skills by engaging the learner in problem solving. By equipping our new multi-purpose activity room with a variety of climbing and play equipment, students will be able to improve these skills in a supported setting, while having fun with their friends.



Classroom set of Parallel Bars 

Flexible Space Fold-down Parallel Bars
Cost - $700

Parallel bars are a support tool that can be used by CLC students of all ages to aid in their motor learning. A set of parallel bars that fold down next to the kitchenette in our lower primary classroom will allow students to increase their strength, balance, and coordination during various sitting, standing, and walking activities while also providing better access to this area. The space saving, foldable feature will allow for a more flexible classroom arrangement where students and teachers can maximize learning opportunities.

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Exercise/Support Mats

Foam Puzzle and Yoga Mats
Cost - $200 

Students in the conductive education setting utilize a variety of equipment in order to improve their gross motor skills in different positions including sitting, standing, and lying. Equipping new classroom spaces with foam floor and yoga mats provide a soft, safe, and colorful space for students to play and learn in the classroom while on the floor. Both types of mats provide extra support when learning important tasks such as rolling over, crawling, and sitting independently.


Student Personal Storage 

Wooden Storage Lockers/Cubby Systems
Cost - $1500

With the help of cubby storage systems in the classrooms, the students at CLC will have their own space for personal belongings. Having an individual child-sized locker for their shoes, coats, backpacks, and other assistive equipment can aid with developing self-care skills related to dressing, undressing, and organization preparing students for school and a lifetime of success.

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Furniture Repair/Refurbishment

Repair of Ladderback Chairs
Cost - $1000

Ladderback chairs are the wooden chairs used by CLC students of all ages. In addition to traditional use of the chairs, the back of the chairs offer a unique ladder tool to aid in various sitting, standing, and walking activities. With both small and large sizes, the chairs provide daily multi-purpose use within each classroom. With over 20 years of use, our wooden chairs are in dire need of repair and refurbishment.

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Life Skills Laboratory

Countertop Cooktop and Refrigerator
Cost - $1200 

With a goal to live as independently as possible, learning to prepare your food and cook is an essential life skill.
By outfitting the kitchen in our new life skills laboratory with a cooktop and refrigerator, our young adult students will be on their way to learning the skills needed to maximize their independence in life.




Our Mission

To provide opportunities for individuals with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.