Thank You to Our Supporters!



Thank You to each of our sponsors and supporters who make our work possible! It is because of generous donors – like you – that CLC has been able to impact more than 800 students and their families over its 20+ year history. We are so grateful for your support to help students find independence within themselves.

If you have questions about becoming a donor or wish to Sponsor an event, contact Director of Development, Angela Freier, at or (616) 575-0575 ext. 105.

16+ Years

Amway Corporation / Alticor Inc
Steve and Mary Anderson
Mike and Marilyn Best
Paul and Cathy Boyer
Dirk and Lisa Buth
Bob and Sharie Grooters
Art and Betsy Hasse
Ken and Janice Hoexum

Earl and Donnalee Holton
Gary and Barbara Leddick.
Henry A. Fox Sales Company, Inc.Henry A. Fox Jr. and Kathleen O'Brien Fox Charitable Foundation
Shawn and Kathryn McCabe
Ryan and Kim McLaughlin
Jim and Jan Postma
Bob and Judy VanDongen

11 to 15 Years

Rick and Loy Adamy
Marty and Sue Allen
Chip Behler
Brian and Melinda Breslin
Scott and Jasmine Breslin
Orson and Sharon Coe
Bill and Nancy Ellis
Forrest and Sandra Frank
James and Sue Garofalo
Ulrike Hart
Ross and Thea Hoezee
Huizenga GroupBill and Heather Lehrmann

Larry and Mettie Leigh
David and Sheryl Livingston
Mike and Janet McCasey
John and Julie Merchun
Mark and Elizabeth Murray
Al and Gerri Pasi
Margaret Potter
Richard H. Brown Foundation
Linda Ritch
Chuck Saur
David and Lynn Seeber
Ed and Tracey Spencer
Barbara Steil
Jeff and Julie Towner
Randy and Linda Wagner
Steve and Kim Waltman

6 to 10 Years

Alan and Debbie Abraham

Altria GroupKevin and Molly Anderson

Aquinas CollegeKenneth Betz

Bissell Inc.Andrew and Christi Blum
Thomas and Sandra Burr
David and Cara Cassard
Steve Caudill
Thomas and Kimberly Condon
Robert and Cindy Dame
Joy DeBoer
Bob and Kathy Eager
David and Patsy Eisler
Thomas and Susan English
John Estabrook
Martin and Suzanne Fenster
Ferris State UniversityDaniel and Laura Gilmore
Mary Gourley
Ruth Haddock
Keith and Shelly Harrold
Haworth Inc.Andy and Lindsay Hess
Dave and Sarah Hildenbrand
Dirk and June Hoffius
Theodore and Barbara Hohman
Marty Hoos
H. John and Sandra Hooyer
Terry Horton
Win and Kyle Irwin
Bruce and Margie Johnson
Harry and Sheila Knopke

Litehouse FoodsDave and Angela Korte
John and Arnette Kraus
Blake and Mary Krueger
Lacks EnterprisesBill and Karen Lawrence
Michael and Diane Leoni

Jim and Stacey Lynch
Randy and Marcia MacGeorge
Peter and Christine MacGregor
Ryan and Jaime McLean
Lori Moerdyk
Richard and Nancy Ney
Jim and Teresa Nicholson
James and Sharon Norman
Mark and Susan Perlick
Tom and Christine Pfennig
Phillip and Leslie Porter
Joan Powaser
Mike and Lisa Powaser
Sebastian Foundation
Frank and Jeanine Sepanik
Dan and Susan Serne
Carlo and Lucy Silvestri
Albert and Bertina Sprich
Doug & Maria DeVos FoundationRobert and Iva Tol
David and Elise Twyman
Vander Laan Family Foundation
Michael Wait and Jill Scott
Matt and Jessica Wolterstorff
Leslie and Jane Wong
James and Phyllis Wynsma
Don Young and Sharon Melvin
David and Camilla Zawacki

3 to 5 Years

Larry and Averie Alverson
Tom and Julie Atwood
Kathleen Barker
Dave and Kathleen Bechtel
Beers & StilwillJo Bell
Gyuri and Andrea Benyovszky
Shannon Biros
Steve and Cheryl Boshoven
Nancy Brady
Chris and Erin Brede
Keith and Susan Brown
Celebration CinemaWendell and Helen Christoff
CompassRobert and Susan Conklin
Derek and Melinda Cook
Bryan and Jamie Cushman
Kevin and Carol Del Raso
Dematic Employee Association
Bob Diamond and Sheila Kinney
Beth Dittrich
Don Eaton and Clare Canham-Eaton
John and Billie Ericson
Nkechy Ezeh
Mary Beth Fitzgerald
Romulo Garcia and Maria Mora Bowen
Don and Laurie Gardner
Megan Geerling
Michael and Michelle Giorgio
Tom and Natalie Harrold
Carrie Henderson
Kelly Henrickson
Linh Huynh
Jake and Erin Jackson
Fred and Rita Jennings
Andy Johnston
Diane Jones
JW Marriott GRChris and Keri Kalish
John and Nancy Kennedy
Rick and Jen Keyes
Peter and Eileen Kintner
James Klausner
Hubert and Virginia Knape
Dennis and Karen Krezenski
Sue Laemers
David and Gay Lathrop
James and Kerry Lawler
Legacy TrustJoan Lennon
Don and Patricia Lipinski
Marc and Jill Marewski

Mary Free BedThe Meijer FoundationDon and Nancy Melvin
Marc Melvin
Susan Milligan
Jennifer Moo
James and Amie Moran
Steve Morrissey
Justin and Jessica Mortier
Andreas and Tanya Muehlbauer
Bill and Amy Neis
Virgina Neuman
Ann Nieuwstraten
Delaney Nofziger
Robert and Lisa Novosad
Jamie Nye
Jon Paauwe
Nigel Paneth and Ellen Pollak
Sean and Casey Parini
Tim and Shann Patton
Peter Albertini PropertiesMatthew and Rachelle Phinney
Cathy Pietrasiuk
Jerome Powaser
Mark and Kathy Reed
Terence and Tina Reuben
Dan and Kelly Rinzema
Ande Roeser
James and Ann Rosloniec
Rick and Nora Roth
John and Therese Rowerdink
Petrit and Allison Rudi
Fred and Debbie Rybarz
Kevin and Mary Beth Sarr
Robert and Trudy Schalm
Mark Schmidbauer
Bill and Mary Shefferly
Simon and Mary VanderKooy Foundation
Leanne Slingerland
Kelly Smart
Gary Sondergaard
Jared and Andrea Swiger
The Charles Foundation
The Chiropractic DoctorsThe Fund for Conductive Education, Inc
Theodore Eckert Foundation
Carolyn Tuski
Carl and Sandy Verbeek
Ron and Molly Vincent
Bob and Kim VonKaenel
Debi Wallis
Scott and Lynn Watts
David Westphal
Sandy White
Matt and Leah Wozniak
Cameron Young
Dick and Barbara Young
Doug and Kim Young
David and Jane Zylstra

1 to 2 Years

Jaclyn Ahearne
Jodi Albaitis
Peter and Christine Albertini
Everette and Sharon Albrecht
Farida Alkaff
Chris and Taryn Allen
KJ Anderson
Monica Armour
Sarah Armstrong
Jeff and Cheryl Arney
Kate Arthur
Jennifer Artman
Donna Ashe
Larry Avery
Nicholas Baise
Stacey Baker
Peter Baldwin
Gretchen Ballema
Sarah Ballema
Sherry Bean
Jill Beckwith
Chad and Mindy Beers
Royce and Margie Beers
Matt and Amy Bertotti
Larry Bethel
Tim Beurer
Peter and Stacey Bivona
Sara Blasdel
Matt and Aynsley Born
Sandra Brandstatter
Joe Brennan
Joshua Brish
Angie Brown
Amber Brumbaugh
Karen Bruno
Michael and Rachel Bruno
Marc Bryant
Mark and Megan Buggia
Megan Buhlman
Buist ElectricLuke Burbrink
Jeff and Marsha Burkholder
Adam Burns
Cara Burns
Donald Butler
Amy Butler
Joseph Callaghan
Andrea Cantu
Sarah Carlisle
Dick and Sue Carlson
John Carroll
Liz Carvalho
Vannesa Cecchini
Children's Charities at AdiosChrist United Methodist Church Youth Class of 2020
Nicole Chuang
Matthew Clapp
Justin and Emily Clark
Mike and Renee Cnossen
William Coleman
Winston and Marisa Collier
Waldemar Colon
Erin Conlon
Jaclyn Cook
Christopher and Lynette Copping
Mary Corona
Helene Cridge
Ken Dame
Adam Damerow
Tarra DaPrato
DAR DevelopmentThomas and Rebecca Darga
Bill and Margie Darooge
Steve and Debbie Day
Matthew De Leon
Paul Delaney
Jackie DelRaso
Tom and Jessica DeMaagd
Andrea Desantis Kerr
Andrew DeYoe
Robin Dhaseleer
Dominican Sisters - Grand Rapids
Adam Dubinsky
Dana and Jennifer Dunn
Sara-Ellis Dunnigan
Nancy Engen
Karen Eryou
Elizabeth Farber
Jenny Farney
Robert and Katherine Farrimond
Ruth Fatchett
David and Liz Filkins
Dakota and Alissa Finley
Leslie Fiore
Suzanne Fisher
Eric Foerg
Ken Foot
Allan Foster
Bruce Fowler
Martin Fox
Melanie Fox
Charles and Marguerite Frantz
Heather Freiburger
Mark and Debbie Freier
Nathan and Angela Freier
Margaret Fulton
David Galbreath
E. Grice Galleher
Romulo and Pilar Garcia
Patrick and Christy Gaughan
Candace Gawne
Bradley and Lisa Geise
Tim and Jamie Genzink
Paul and Lynn Getzin
Laura Gilbert
Liz Gobeski
Bill and Shay Gravett
Darren Greca
Howard Green
Jason and Ann Gregorek
Josh Grimm
J & M Grinnell
Christian Grostic
Austin Guenther
Paul and Ruth Guenther
Ann Haddock
Chris Hain
Bev Halliday
Hampton Inn and Suites Ann Arbor West
Bailey Hanrahan
Eric Hansen
Adil Haq
Brad Harriger
Lewetta Harte
Timothy Hasley
Gerald and Sherry Hasley
Louise Hautamaki
Pete Hawkins
Loraine Heim
Jason Haitkamp
Bryan Helfer
Doug and Michelle Henry
Darrel Herweyer and Barbara Barnett
Rachel Hickman
Matt and Laura Hilton
Mark and Denise Hilton
Richard Hilton
Bill Hilton
Russ Hines
Denise Hintzke
Donna Hodgson
Abe and Antoinette Howell
Matt Huang
Rick Huisman
John and Katy Humphrey
James and Sharon Humphries
Hung Huynh
Elizabeth Ingraham
Kim Jacobi
Ahmed Jamil
Mike and Sue Jandernoa
Ashley Johnson
Mick and Diana Johnston
Michael and Lynn Jones
Robin Kaszyca
Terri Keitel
Shelby Kennedy
Michael and Colleen Kiehl
Chris Killeen
Joseph and Nancy Klopfenstein
Jennifer Koetje
Donald and Evonne Koopmans
Mary Krapfl
Sean Krezenski
Kathy Krezenski
Rachel Kulick
Mike and Kerri LaFore
Jeffrey Lamb
Lane Edwards Farrier Service, LLC
Tom Larchey
Beth Laureijs
James and Michelle Leach
Beth Lee
Mike Lee
Richard Lee
Mandy Legal
Valerie Levine
Theresa Lewis
May Liang
Jason Lichtman
Chad Lingwood and Ingrid Aguayo
Kyle Lints
Ron and Mary Lints
Mike and Kathy Lloyd
Lisa Long
Casey and Jami Longo
Ralph and Debra Lucki
Elizabeth Lueder
Jon Luurtsema
Margo Lynn
Paul Macaluso
Lauren Mack

Jennifer Mailander
Jean Malueg
Gary and Mary Mancewicz
Joey Mapes
Mary Jane Mapes
Nik Marewski
Mike Martin
Jessica Massie
Masuga DesignMaria Mauer
MC Veterinary Service LLC
Kevin and Arlene McAndrew
Michael McCormick
Christopher McLaurin
Fiona McPherson Grant
Adrian and Julie McPhillips
Justin McQuaig and Megan Bowden
Carla Melvin
DJ Melvin
Nancy Meyers
Rich and Bridget Meyers
Kathryn Michalski
Rob Milota
Michelle Moenart
John and Ann Moliassa
Tim and Sara Monsma
Nancy Moody
Jeremy and Holly Moog
Chris Morelli and Jessica Hedeman
Chris Muegge
Neil and Diane Mullally
Megan Murphy
Kurt and Jaime Myers
Rishi Narayan
Vicki Needham
Mark and Tammy Nofziger
Matt Nolan
Robert Nolan
Bonnie Nolan
Leah Nolan
Dick and Sandy Nolan
Detlev and Lauren Nolan
Terry Nolan
Ryan Norfolk
Sandi Norman
Chris Occhipinti
Jessica Odette
Ban-Seok Oh
Carol Opfel
Andy Osterbrock
Shannon Ostrander
Joe Oswald
Raj Patel
Ed Paulis
Diane Payne
Carey Peabody
Collin and Kristen Perry
Peter C. & Emajean Cook Foundation Ted Peto
Stacey Petravick
Meredith Phinney
Evan and Janna Pittman
Kristen Plamondon
Jeffrey Pleasant
Jessie Popma
Brian and Michelle Potter
Allie Powaser
Charlie Prisco
MaryJo Przyborski
Dana Ramm
George and Gail Ranville
Patricia Rasch
Ray and Phyllis Rasch
Judith Rawls
Kyle and Sandra Ray
Claire Razmus
David and Sandy Reatini
Redbox Employee Giving
Dusty Reiber
Vinay Revandkar
Trisha Rich
Veta Richardson
Rob and Beth Rinvelt
Scott Risner
Sara Robach
Joe and Amy Roberson
Nicole Roberts
Michelle Rogalski
Brent Rogers
Ryan Roman
Amanda Ruffin
Adriana Ruiz
Clint and Madeleine Rusk
Paul and Cynthia Sale
Michael Salmonowicz
Douglas Sanders
Doug Sargent
Maclean Sarr
Madeline Schaab
Judy Schafer
Karen Schousen
Benjamin Schroeder
Jonathan Schultz
John Schurke and Sara Blasing
Paul Scott
Eileen Seales
John Sebastian
Terrance Senich and Lynn Greer
Senior HR Leadership Team, Meijer
Carolyn Shapiro-Shapin
Bruce Sheets
Patti Sheltrown
Patrick and Sandra Shrader
David Shumway
Lanny Sigo
Dan Silvestri
Alex and Mary Simon
John Simpson
William and Kathy Sininger
William Sininger
Janet Sizelove
Cindy Slessinger
Michael and Stacy Slomski
Patra Slot
Stephen Smith
Norma Speer
Monica Spencer
Heather Staeven
Katie Stafford
Fred Stein
Jeff Steinke
Mark Stephan
Sally Steward
Jennifer Stoops
Luke Strobel
Fletcher Struye
Amanda Suchecki
Paula Suddon
Sullivan County Animal Hospital
Kristen Sumners
Barney and Janet Sutherland
Nathan and Joanna Symington
Cammy Symington
Jun Takayasu
Mary Taylor
JP Theriot
Lindy Throgmartin
Brian Tierney
Mary Timmer
Diana Timmer
Sarah Timmer
Matt Tingley
Gary and Dianna Tomkinson
Transformations Interior Design, Inc.
Rachel Tronstein Stewart
Mark and Rhea Troy
True North Directional ServicesDon and Sally Turczyn
Jennifer Ulmer
Mike Upchurch
Ashley Upperman
David and Louanne Utzinger
Amanda VanBennekom
Allen and Nancy Vander Laan
Janis VanderKooy
Stephanie Vasconcellos
Grant Velie
Celine Versluis
Andrew Vieweg
Ron and Kathy Vincent
Joseph and Linda Vogan
Jason and Karen Voss
Vredevoogd Charitable Fund
Sarah Wagner
John and Dianna Webb
Wegetback Store
Alexandra Weiner
Gwendolyn Welch
David and Nancy Wells
Andrew Wells
Dick and Diane Wendt
Kyle and Alyssa Wesche
Tom and Teri Whitfield
Bryan and Lindsay Williams
Dave Williams
Karen Wilund
Beatriz Wink
Nicole Winstead
Samantha Winters
Wolverine Building GroupCarol Wood
Janet Wyllie
Mary Ann Zengerle
Ann Zoellner
Mark Zyskowski