Help Make the Dreams of CLC Come True

Dear CLC Parents, Friends, and Supporters,

For this year’s Evening of Celebration, we have a few amazing changes which will provide attendees with knowledge of CLC while also being exciting and bringing in funds for some needed resources at CLC. One of the biggest is the venue change to the Goei Center, a much larger space that will allow us to have more guests attend AND better flow during the cocktail hour. This gives us the opportunity to add an exciting new feature to the evening – Auction with a Twist! The Evening of Celebration committee is asking parents, friends, and supporters of CLC for donations to be made towards a matching grant which will be needed to fully fund these Auction with a Twist tables.

How the Twist Auction Works

Here is how the auction will work: During the cocktail hour, there will be seven tables set up. Each table will have a specific item that is needed at the center. Each table will be manned by 2-3 people who are directly affected by the item being “sold”. For example, new parallel bars. During this time, guests will visit each table, hear about our need for the item, learn more about CLC, and then make a contribution of ANY size toward that item. To entice them to donate, we will be offering a matching grant to DOUBLE their dollars!

We Need Your Help

We would love for as many people as possible, who have been positively affected by CLC, to be a part of this matching grant. This will show our attendees the importance of CLC in your lives and encourage more funds to come in for these needed resources. Any interested families, friends, board members, and other supporters can donate to this fund to create a grant pool  to match the donations brought in during the Auction with a Twist.

We are confident that TOGETHER with the help of our attendees, we can accomplish anything! Our goal for the evening will be to sell out all the tables valued at $7,500. With a matching grant of $7,500, a total of $15,000 will be raised for the center by the end of the cocktail hour! Once this mission is accomplished, ALL of us will go into the banquet room to eat and CELEBRATE making the dreams of CLC students come true!

There will be signage and pictures to represent matching gift donors – showcasing the strength and commitment of our greater CLC family to the program.

How You Can Contribute

This is a new set-up that we are excited to add as it has been found to be extremely successful in raising both awareness and funds for other non-profits. To contribute to this matching grant, please feel free to bring a donation directly to the office or donate online via the centers PayPal account at the following link:

If an online payment is done through PayPal, please note in the box labeled “add special instructions to the seller” that the money is for the Twist Auction Match Gift”. If you are able to give, please do so by August 30th. To see what items will be supported by your efforts, check out our Auction with a Twist items on our Evening of Celebration page. A million thanks for your continued love and support of CLC! We could not do this without you!

Please feel free to contact a CLC staff member, Becki, or Shelley if you have any questions. Thank you so much for anything you, your family, and friends can do! We know this will be a huge success with your help!