Two years ago we met our beautiful daughter Laila and fell in love with her infectious smile. Laila was brought into foster care at 20 months old weighing 13 pounds. She had pretty much every kind of specialist you can think of working on her medical team and they had finally been able to get her “stable.” My husband and I met Laila and knew we were probably getting in way over our heads but that smile was just irresistible. We took Laila into our home and five months later she was officially a part of the family.

We spent months of doctor appointments and frustration trying to get into some sort of routine of our new life. We basically knew nothing about cerebral palsy but took it one day at a time trying to learn from every doctor and therapist that was helping us. We had several doctors and some therapists tell us Laila would not do much in terms of motor ability because she wasn’t hitting the milestones they thought she should at that age. As fate would have it,  I ran into another mom in our small town who has a son with CP. I asked her if she could give me any advice. Without hesitation she stated that I should look into the Conductive Learning Center in Grand Rapids, MI. She said she couldn’t quite describe what it is about it but she described it as a miracle. We researched and applied for a grant from a local company to cover expenses. Fortunately we received the grant and got signed up for our first session in September 2011.

She was absolutely right! CLC is hard work for both the parent and the child but it is a life changing experience. I believe that the program is as much for the parent as the child. I say this because I now see my daughter through eyes that no one had ever taught me before. I now see her possibilities instead of her disability. It’s amazing to me how just by having expectations and correct equipment and positioning, can within the first five minutes help your child look and seem so different to you as a parent. The positioning and strength Laila learned in just her first session at CLC helped her to be released from almost all of her medical specialists. She sits up taller, is on her feet walking (with assistance) more which helps all those muscles that are made to do certain functions with your organs work so much better.

We finished up our second session at CLC in May and look forward to being back. Foster/adoption saved our daughter’s life, our family taught her love and support and CLC has given her the quality of life to tie it all together and live! Thank you CLC!

Angie, Laila’s Mom

To provide opportunities for preschool and school age children with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.CLC is a 501(C)3 Organization