Welcome to the Early Childhood Group

Welcome to the Early Childhood Group

The Early Childhood Program at CLC offers services for children through age five, optimizing the “window of opportunity” for critical development in all areas of a child’s life.

 Take a peek inside the classroom and you will note that children are overcoming physical challenges to learn and improve all of their developmental skills. The Conductor Teacher provides strategic bridges around the gap in their abilities, enabling them to successfully participate in all activities. Of note is how much the classroom looks like a typical early childhood setting with bright pictures, rhymes, pre-reading concepts, and children’s art work all around; the sights and sounds of a group of children and adults working and singing together in a play-based learning atmosphere. In the early childhood classroom, this is key; the Conductor Teachers strive to meet all the physical needs of the child while keeping the child’s need for learning and play in mind.

 The peer group setting and Conductor Teacher team serve to promote active participation in all the age appropriate activities of the day for every child. For example, at lunch, the children do not sit in chairs to be fed by adults. Lunch is a time for active implementation of skills which have been taught and learned throughout the program. Children sit in a group around a child-sized plinth/table and are encouraged to use appropriate manners and build relationships with their peers. Those who are learning to sit independently, hold bars to support their balance. Each child actively participates in self-feeding, practicing their grasping/releasing and targeting skills with varying levels of support. The children are given a mirror and visual cues to close their lips to improve their eating skills. This is but one example of the active learning taking place through the Conductive Education program delivered in the early childhood classroom at CLC. This pattern continues throughout the entire school day, as children work to develop their problem solving, creativity, and participation skills.

 New brain research shows that a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, movement program, like Conductive Education, is effective in enhancing early brain and motor skill development.

To provide opportunities for preschool and school age children with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.CLC is a 501(C)3 Organization