Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

The Conductive Learning Center (CLC) admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. In order to successfully meet the needs of the students for whom the CLC is organized, the following criteria for admission will apply:

  • Medical or educational diagnosis of a motor challenge, usually caused by cerebral palsy or spina bifida.
  • Intellectual, physical, emotional and social compatibility with established program capability and success predictors.
  • Commitment of parents to support the success of their child in the classroom and at home.
  • Any other factor that the CLC, at its discretion, deems relevant for the best interest of the CLC and other attending students.

Prior to the admission of a child to the Conductive Learning Center, the following steps will apply:

  • CLC receives a completed application form with a $25 non-refundable application fee.
  • CLC receives copies of pertinent medical and educational records.
  • Participation in a scheduled assessment on site with the Program Director or her designee, or a mailed video following the Video Assessment Guidelines, either of which requires payment of a $100 non-refundable fee.
  • The conductor staff will decide, in their sole discretion based on the factors outlined above, if the Conductive Education program holds promise of functional progress for the child. Parent(s) will be notified of a decision within one week of the assessment.

Provisional acceptance will be followed by a trial enrollment period. A subsequent evaluation will be conducted by the conductor staff to determine if continuation in the program will benefit the child. If the child does not continue, the unused portion of the tuition will be refunded.

All admitted students need an updated Health Appraisal with an immunization record on file in the CLC office.

Withdrawal Procedure

If parents decide to withdraw their child from the Conductive Learning Center, the following procedures apply:

  • A written notice of intent to withdraw should be made at least 30 days prior to the date of withdrawal.
  • Tuition payments and any other fees are due the first day of the session. There will be no refunds if a withdrawal occurs at any time during a session or without 30 days prior notice.
To provide opportunities for preschool and school age children with motor challenges to achieve optimal physical, cognitive and social independence through the application and promotion of conductive education principles.CLC is a 501(C)3 Organization