CLC Continues to Serve as Lab School for Aquinas College Students

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This school year we are excited to welcome Aquinas College students into our classrooms at the Conductive Learning Center.  CLC continues to serve as the lab school setting for students studying to be conductor-teachers through the collaboration of Aquinas College and the International Peto Institute.

Three students have started their first year of study in the program, after completing several observation hours before making the decision to apply for the program.  Coinciding with their theoretical courses, they will be working in CLC classrooms ten hours per week, where they will be given hands on opportunities to learn about the various aspects of Conductive Education alongside the conductor-teachers. When they have completed the Aquinas program, these students will have a variety of experiences working with all ages of children with motor disabilities, and in every program offered at CLC, as well as a student teaching experience in a traditional classroom in a local school district.

We also welcome back the five Aquinas students who will be beginning their third year of study in the program.  The third year students began the school year with an intensive course delivered by visiting professor, Dr. Balogh from the Peto Institute.  These students will visit the International Peto Institute in the spring to tour, observe and experience the programs offered in Budapest, where Conductive Education was founded. The students have been busy planning and working on various fundraisers to help support their travel to Budapest to complete their studies for the year.  The perspective gained while in Budapest enriches their outlook and experiences as they move into their final year of training.

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